Create a DIY prothesis + orthesis for Francisco with a Brachial plexus injury

Here a group of students first each printed a hand from the e-enable communtiy and then redesigned it and came up with their own design.

Update Wednesday Dec 5th:

I just wanted to buy the e-Nable “Cyborg Beas” Hand Kit but unfortunately it is being shipped from the US and will cost me $ 42,50 shipping cost. So I will try to connect with the German hand builders and see if they already have a list of the things I need to buy.

My shopping List for, I tried to find all prime articles is the following:

The screws I will get from my local Screw Dealer. Unfortunately they dont have these scews and only some in brass. Chicago Screws in German in Buchbinderschraube in M5.

  • 1 x 3’’ to 31/4" Chicago Screw, in German “Chicaco Schrauben 76 mm bis 82 mm” for the knuckle
  • 5 x 1/2’’ stainless steel Chicago Screws for the Fingers (12 mm)
  • 2x 3/8’’ stainless steel Chicago Screws for the wrist (10 mm)
  • 6 x 1/4" stainless steel Chicago Screws for the Velcro (6,35 mm)

Update 2018-12-11T19:33:00Z

Last week I had a meeting with Mr. Pattner from the Sanitätshaus. He was telling me that they are solutions for Franciscos condition to make his arm longer but he would start with something not bionic. He told me that he would do some research with colleagues in Vienna and Austrialia.

Update Cyborg Hand:

I got almost all the parts together just have to collect the small chicaco srews from a neighbour.

Update Dexterity Hand:

I printed all the parts now I have to put it together.

Yesterday I put together the pinky, ring, middle finger and the thumb together. Only the index finger had a problem as the whole did not aline. I am printing it again today to see if it was my fault or its the design error.



Also I realized I printed the hand wrong and was missing the knuckles. I am printing it again with @MakerMind PrusaMKi3MK2 again today.

Update 21. December 2017:

Dexterity Hand:

I got the fingers assembled. I only need to print the thumb connecetion again and put in the strings. The

Cyborg Hand:

I got the Chicago Strews and need to put the fingers together. I am still waiting for the Big screws that will hold the fingers to the palm.

I just got a reply from Nicolas Hutchet from myhuman kit saying that brachial plexus is indeed that there is no real solutions yet but he send me the link about a Project in Lille

I just found a easier to build version of the Cyborg Hand on thingiverse.

I worked on the Cyborg and the Dexterity Hand yesterday and today. But still have not put all the strings in as I was missing some tensioner brick. I realized also I was missing some elastic strings. They are there to pull the fingers back.

I just managed to put in the strings cord in the Cyborg beast but I am still missing the elastic cord.
This is good tutorial for that process. Also I am printing in total 5 of these tensioners.

Another two days of working on the hand today I put together the bronze Dexterity hand and I am also in contact with the developer Nick and I am looking forward to work with him. Stilli waiting for the flex strings then I can finish the hands.

For these hands I am using braided fishing line 8 strands thick but I think they are a bit to thick.

The flexcords are supposed do arrive today!

I ordered them on and they took pretty long to arrive.

Today I also tried to tried to connect the knuckle of the bronze put I have problems to put the strings in. I think I put too much glue in the hand so I printed it again.

Ok I am still waiting for the elastic band in 2 mm so I have just ordered another one that should get here tomorrow. Let’s hope it is the right size.

A friend also got me in contact with Michael. Let´s see how we can work together.

Finally the cord is here!

Update Wed January 9th:

I was emailing today with Nico from my Human Kit an. He was giving me some great tipps. He says for a permanent solution 3d printing for the moving parts is not strong enough but I will try out stronger Materials like Nylon, PLA+ and PETG and see how they work. He is suggesting to contact Airbus for free titanium. Titanium that would be awesome! I understand it should be a strong but lightweight material. I guess I also have to do a material research and upgrade my current printing setup to be able to print with these advanced materials. Also he was sending me a link of a softrobotics project from Columbia university that looks very promising but I think this will take some years more until you can implant such a muscle into Franciscos Arm.

Research into Materials:

On the e-nable Facebook group I saw somebody using NylonG and Nylon X. I guess I have to make an upgrade to my printers to be able to print Nylon.

This arm also looks great and I maybe could use the upper port idea for Francisco.

Finally the spectra Fiber Braided Lines has arrived! Now I can finally string the thumbs!

Update 6. Februar 2019:

Good news! Finally all printers are working again! And I got a contact to a Bavarian Orthesis Company Oped and just send an email there. I hope they will sponsor this research and enable me to continue this project further

Things I need to do:

  • print bronze dexterity hand again
  • print all piece at once with creality CR10
  • get the thumb knuckle working
  • figure out sleeve

Update 11. February 2019:

  • I will be officially helping Nick with the development of the Dexterity hand. I am already printing the newest version with files he provided me and will assemble it this week.

  • Unfortunately Oped does not want to sponsor.

  • A friend showed me this hand a 19 year old teenagers build with lego technic. Very impressive

  • plans this week print the bronze dexterity hand version without pins

  • Another friend reminded me of ambionics which we met together at electronica
    They do a great job of partnering and getting sponsorship