Create a DIY prothesis + orthesis for Francisco with a Brachial plexus injury

Update 12. Februar:

  • I am already 3 days into printing the dexterity hand. I ran into some problems with supports as there are some areas where supports are needed but in other areas there no supports needed so I have to make custom supports and cannot just use the open from bed or all.

Ok I figure out how to do custom supports in simplify3d but the model of Nick is not watertight yet so I cannot do these custom supports. It works great for the gold hand.

  • Also with simplify3d I split up a file with 3 parts so I can print it again. In German you can klick on Gitternetz --> verbundene Oberflächen trennen

  • I ordered new super glue and now got a much cheaper deal. 2,99 per g
    now for 0,17 per g

Update: 28. Februar

  • i fixed the watertight issue with Autodesk Netfabb on the new files, Meshmixer did not work
  • i am working closly with Nick to test out the newest version of the Bronze Dexterity hand to present an Make Munich this weekend
  • i am testing out printing with ASA and ABS
  • I am getting better printing the hand and putting each part in the right position to print
  • Nick has offered to custom make a hand for Francisco
  • I want to make the hand ready to be used so I also ordered the grip tape

Update: 4 March 2019

  • Nick explained me all the 6 different positions and how they have to look like
  • I had the beads and rubber bands in the wrong way, the short one goes on top the long one are the connection with the hand
  • I printed the finger tips in tpu and the knuckle of the gold and the old bronze hand in abs
  • I bought the heavy duty gorilla tape
  • I still need to make the grap assist and I want to finish all hands
  • I want to print one version for kids to try out

I am now buying the slingshot rubber cord for the grap assist. It should be outside 5mm and inside 2mm. I could only find 3 and 5.

Update 25. March:

I have not been doing much in March because we exhibited at Make Munich and IHM and I got sick a week and also had to take care of my family. But now I ham back and working on taping the fingers.

The Gorilla Tape finally arrived and I ordered a new set up exacto knives to apply it.

Now Looking forward to finally finish the 3rd hand and progress to the 4th hand.

The 3rd hand is finished now. Now iam working on the 4th hand.

Update: 10 Mai 2019

I am now working on the 4th dexterity and. It will be a bigger version and I will print it in ABS.

Also I had Jon Schull the initiator of the e-nable in the lab and we talked about the special case of Francisco and he made the suggestion to look into assistive tech for steering wheels to attack the problem Francisco was originally describing. For that I would need to have a look at Franciscos car and see what I can do there. For this application already a couple of solutions are on the market.