Dodge Journey 2012 remote control repair

During our stay in Puebla Mexico this August my brother in law borrowed me his 2012 doge Journey and I decided to solder all the broken cables together at the trunk because I thought there would be a motor for the trunk but then I found out that there are no motors and the shock absorbers had lost gas I just replaced them. Thanks Fablab Puebla and especially @rolly to get me all the tools and hector for helping me and getting his mechanic friend.

There were also a couple of holes in the remote control that my niece has picked out with her fingers so I also decided to fix the control. But unfortunately once I tried to scrub away some rubber and must have scrubbed away also a little resistor because after that the close and open buttons did not work anymore.

So i am trying to order this tiny resistance but a the same time I will order a new key fob.

On the key fob is available for 39.95$ so I am odering it there.