Maslow Default Frame

At the end Erfindercamp when @Minirevollo and Rolf we’re building a door I finished the Standard Frame out of 6x6 (6cm by 6cm) thick studs. In the instructions, they always talk about 2x4 and if you convert that into cm it should be 5,08 cm by 10,16 cm. So I thought a 6x6 beam is ok but it was too big because a normal 2x4 beam is actually 1,5 x 3,5 inches which means 3,81cm x 8,89 cm.

So the 6 cm screws that came with the maslow were to short to combine the two beams and I had to drill holes. The frame is ok but it is pretty difficult to unscrew the screws and some beams are not connect got as I drilled some holes not deep enough. So I will get bigger screws for the next time and buy the right beams.

In Germany there is no real equivalent for 2x4s that I could find in the shops online a60x90mm and also 40x90 mm.

Today I bought 12 3,8 cm x 7,8 x 305cm Sägerau Beams.

Also this time I wont use a handsaw but will use my mitersaw to cut them to length.

Before leaving for Mexico I was able to finish a second frame and put it in the backroom. The next step is to put the router and cut the sled.

Does somebody wants to continue making the sled. @Minirevollo @Batoo

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@Minirevollo @maxl ist etwas stehen geblieben bei mir. Wollt ihr einsteigen?

Ich sehe noch immer keinen Sinn in der Fräse. Ich werde aber die Stepcraft nochmal aktivieren.