Funding for FabLabXchange

If you are interested to go to another fab lab with fablabXchange but lack the necessary funds for flights and living costs and do not want to max out your credit card. Here are a couple of funding ideas.

  1. Ask your home fab lab if it will support you

If you are employed by a university Fab Lab they might be interested that you learn from another fab lab and send you out for that reason.

  1. Start a crowdfunding campaign

Fab Academy graduate 2017, Dima recently did a successful campaign to participate in the MIT Bootcamp in Sao Paulo.

Check out his campaign -->

Besides gofundme good crowdfunding websites for this kind of thing are startnext (Germany), Ulule (France, check out Le Petit Fab lab de Paris campaign for a lasercutter ) or WeMakeIt (check out Humu sapiens campaign).

  1. Some countries/cities have programs that offer financial help for international exchange programs. I am investigating at the moment. I recently talked to my city cultural department and they said that there is also some funding for artists to travel. I think there will be more and more cities and county that will put out programs to give makers from other cities countries to visit.

Update: 29/10/2019

  1. Erasmus

Culum from England who studies Product Design at Kingston University just told me that it is also possible to do get funded from the Erasmus program for doing an internship. I dont know yet how it is in other European countries.