What is FablabXchange?

FablabXchange is an exchange program for the fab lab community. Fab lab founders, fab lab managers or fab academy graduates take over and run a partner fab lab in a team of fabbers in recidency for a period of 4 weeks while in the first week they get trained by the local fab lab team.

We expect that there is a high interest in the program right after the fab academy program in August. Labs and recidents can take part in the program at a certain time but also ongoing throughout the year.

The FablabXchange program was born in July 2018 when @andreasK was looking for somebody to replace him in at Fab lab erfindergarden in Munich during his holiday in Mexico. There was a lot of interest in the fab lab community about the program and in the end Baptiste (@Batoo), fab academy Barcelona graduate 2018 spend 4 weeks in Munich becoming the first fablabXchange recident.

The goal of the FablabXchange is to give fab labbers the opportunity to work in a different fablab, try out workshops ideas and services, try out their skills in the real world and at same time experiencing the community and the culture of another country or city. Meanwhile the local fab lab profits from new ideas and new energies of the fabXchange residents.

The local fab lab provides accommodation while the FabXchange residents contribute with a project, product or workshop to the local fab labs operating costs. If the local fab lab has funding for this program it is encouraged providing the resident with a project budget and a salary.

“exchange” means that a fab lab accepts an intern but does not necessarily mean that the local fab lab managers at the same time take over the interns home fab lab, although this is encouraged.

Fab labs participating in FablabXchange:

FabLab Erfindergarden, Munich, Germany. (ongoing)
Contact: Andreas Kopp, andreas@erfindergarden.de

Fab Lab Caselfranco, Castelfranco, Italy (ongoing)
Contact: Mirco Piccin, mirco.piccin@fablabcfv.org

Fab lab Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Contact: Ted Hung, ted@fablabtaipei.org

Fab lab Analco, Puebla, Mexico
Contact: Gustavo Rojas, proyectosfabanalco@hotmail.com

Please contact Andreas (andreas@erfindergarden.de) or reply to this thead if you also want to run the program in your fablab.